Summer Colds

The thing about summer colds is that they linger. Coughs last and siblings get sick.

The era of the handkerchief has ended, but it could be brought back with a vengeance for three year-olds just learning to wipe their noses on a specific rag. In our case, we use the old timey baby diapers, the white ones with no structure. It is essentially a wipe cloth, but it is so multi-functional.

Still, my daughter might gravitate to it more if it was besmirched with a brightly colored pattern or pirate butterflies. Yes, pirate butterflies; it should be a thing. Add in some glittery pixie dust, and I’m sure she would carry that thing around.

Those nautical flying creatures may keep my daughter from wiping her nose everywhere else. Nothing is safe: not the bedspread, the sofa, my clothes, her arms and hands, stuffed animals, basically, anything in arms reach with some type of softness is fair game. And this is the reason that her little sister is sick, too.

My super breastmilk inducing immunity is no match for a three year-old sister, apparently. So, my eight week old is sick, too. Lots of nose siphoning going on with the bulb snot sucker, so she could rest a bit more comfortably. I was elated when I saw her sleeping and breathing through her mouth, but that only lasts so long.

The thing no one tells you about siblings getting sick is that they take turns waking up, and waking each other up, at night. I almost get the baby to sleep and my three-year old cries LOUDLY because she needs a cuddle. Consequently, the baby is no longer on her way to dreamland. Neither are happy. I saw the dawn coming and almost panicked. The thought of coffee saved me. Finally, they synced up (for about three hours) and we all slept.

Somehow, we all made it to morning. My three year-old awoke to see the frog humidifier running. She loves that thing, and thinks it is magical. (I wish it was.) I made coffee and oatmeal, gave our diabetic cat his shot, and let the dogs out. We made it!

Baby is asleep again, so it is yoga time. We need some deep breathing and stretching. I think I’ll introduce the pirate butterfly concept to our practice. I think I’m on to something. I’ll let you know the new sequence.


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