My kids are “Cleaning” their room…

which they don’t actually sleep in.  It’s just a play room, and sometimes if they forget to close the door, it’s a place for my diabetic cat to pee.  I’m super thankful for my rug scrubber!

In recent events, we just hooked up the T.V. in our room.  I have been super opposed to having a T.V. in the bedroom.  You know, cause all those “studies” say that your place of slumber should be electronic free.  Well, screw that.  I can put that baby on the Zen music channel, and my five-year old feels so relaxed, special and fancy, that she falls right to sleep.  THAT’S what I call an ultimate place of slumber.  Unfortunately, a ghost or electronic signal mix-up happened around 11 p.m. and played Game of Thrones followed by a super scary (I wouldn’t watch that crap ghosty-girl that looks like she just popped out of a well) movie.  Luckily, we caught the feature change right as morbidly-frightening slasher/specter movie was starting, and turned it off.   So, maybe it’s time to sage that room again.

Anyway, next time I’ll keep a better eye on it, but I’m still using the Zen music channel for sleep-promotion.  Pure magic.


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