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School Hair, Teacher Presents & Glam

So, I’ve decided to be positive about this kindergarten thing.  Maybe ramp up my yoga and breathing.  Also, buying things helps!  I’ve already bought the needed school supplies (complete with sunscreen, bug spray and computer paper),  school clothes and shoes.  The only thing left is cute hair!  Leaving my daughter’s hair free to flow can  obstruct her line of vision, and she hardly notices.  I notice!  I notice it sticking to her face with sweat.  I notice it literally in her eyes as she plays.  She needs flexi clips and bobby pins.  Plus, they are super cute!seascapepromo

The products this month are beachy and perfect for us!  But, I’m also thinking about this Rays of Sunshine.  It’s our song, You Are My Sunshine, I’m hoping it will build her up in moments of missing me.  Maybe I should get one for myself.  🙂  I may need it more than her!  sunshine



Now, about those teacher gifts.  I used to teach middle and high school, but first day gifts were rare.  Anyone know how kindergarten goes as far as teacher gifts?  I’m thinking that it can’t hurt!  “Here’s a cute hair clip, please watch over my baby!” or something less neurotic than that.  Maybe, “Hope, I don’t make you want to pull your hair out today!” Breathe, shop, breathe, shop, wine…