Holidays are Coming!!!


My child’s classroom recently had a lice scare.  I give credit to lilla rose flexi clips and hair buns for saving my daughter, and our family, from the little bugs.  Yick!  We do not want lice!


She had this Jack o lantern flexi in her hair all week, but now that October is coming to a close, we are looking forward to the winter-themed flexis, bobby pins, hairbands, sticks and u-pins!!!


They will be released November 1st!!  Check them out


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Halloween Lilla Style

Soon, we will receive two Halloween flexi clips from lilla rose.   I’m really excited to put them in my daughter’s hair all month.  Also, I’ve had my eye on the spider web one (Charlotte) for a while now.  It’s mine!  But, I’ll share.  I really will!



Get yours here!