Summer Reading in July

Here it is July already, and summer reading is in full swing!  My six-year old is reading the Primary Phonics books from EPS.  She started these in Kindergarten and loves them!  Along with the reading books, we purchased the phonics workbook and the comprehension book.  We are on Level 2, which I hope to finish before summer is over.  If you have a beginning reader, I would check this set out.

On to the FREE stuff!

Barnes and Noble has an awesome summer reading program.  Just stop by the badn2kid’s section of your local B&N store and pick up a reading log.  Next, have your child read 8 books, list the authors and relate their favorite parts on their reading log.  Then, go back to B&N, turn in the log and choose one book from a selection of free books. That’s it!  The book selection is pretty good, too.  (We’ve participated in this program for two years now.  For pre-readers, I  read their book choices aloud to them.  This has worked in the past, but since the log states “Grades 1-6,” I can’t promise anything.  I believe, it’s up to your local store and -more importantly- your cashier’s discretion.)

Your local library!  Libraries have great summer reading programs.  Ours is giving points  for prizes.  It works like this:  children can get points for attending library events and/or checking out 5 library books.  I have two kids, that’s ten books to keep track of at a time.  Also, did I mention that I tend to accrue library fines like my ceiling fans attract dust? Still, we are powering on, and cycling through books, because we NEED the points.  And we WANT the prizes for getting said points!  And, apparently, the library just found an ingenious way to pay for their summer reading program, because fines.

This brings us to Half-Price Books.  I just discovered their Summer Reading Program.  It is for preschool to high school kiddos and runs until the end of August.  Kids track their minutes of reading time and turn in their log when they reach 300 minutes.  You can print your log, bookmark, and book recommendations here.   Upon turning it in, they get Bookworm Bucks.

Right now, this is our summer home-school program.  My six-year old figured out that summer is for playing, not for schooling.  However, we are doing child-led school.  I’m just not calling all that learnin’ “school.”  See, moms can figure stuff out, too.



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