Flamingos & Friends

This week, I met a flamingo.  She looked right into my eyes and moved closer to me.  We were inches apart.  The meeting was close to magical, and I didn’t want to continue on into the rest of the Caribbean portion of the aquarium, but I have kids.  Kids who run, jump and twirl.  I have to follow them. flamingo

While the aquarium itself is a place of learning, my daughter discovered flamingos on ABC Mouse.  They have a zoo section of the website.  She learned; I learned.  For instance, did you know flamingos mate for life?  They can fly, and they know how to stare directly into your soul…OK, that last fact I made up, but its true, nonetheless.

Long story short, I now love flamingos, and we went to the aquarium with some friends this week.


summer reading
Summer Reading Success!!!

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