We are ready for the eclipse! We made box viewers from this handy website.

Even though we are not in the path of totality, it should still be an awesome celestial event!


Happy Eclipse Day, Everyone!


Ranch Hands


My coastal kids went to their grandparent’s ranch in flip flops, so maybe I should have horseplanned a bit better and brought their boots.  Next time!

At least I remembered the flexi clips for my 6 year old’s hair.  It was so easy to put her hair up in a bun in the morning, and then forget about it all day.  She played hard, swam in a pool and rode a pony.  Her hair stayed put, and it was cute!

Next week, we officially begin home-schooling.  Luckily, this will still afford us the freedom to travel and learn.  I’m pretty excited about this.

I’ve decided to start the year with Life of Fred- Apples math curriculum.  I will let you know what I think of it, and if it will end up being our main math curriculum for first grade.

Enjoy the last week of summer!  School is approaching, quickly.  Thankfully, we are almost ready!

Flexi Clips for school:


Bed Hopping

sleep4Today, we visited our local Sleep Number store, and it was magical!  Dim lights, comfy pillow tops, and a bit of massage.  I’m pretty much sold.   One super cool bed, please!

I took my kids with me to experience these marvelous sleep creations.  Now, most people would think that sounds like torture.  Why take your kids into a place where the temptation to touch, jump and roll around [on a bed] is too much to handle?  My answer is this: I take my children EVERYWHERE with me.  The dentist, the grocery store, the mall, the veterinarian (usually with large animals in tow) and even the gynecologist -you name it, they’ve been there.  My babysitters are hours away.  Looking back, this lack of a “village” has been a tremendous gift.  It’s a gift of time with my children.

I wish I could tell you that all these experiences with my children mean that I have the most well behaved kids around, but that would be an outrageous lie.  They are kids; they get a little crazy sometimes.  Still, all these experiences show them life, real life.  I feel that there is a mighty big lesson in that.

sleep2Also, hey, I got to check out some really cool beds with my fabulous, really cool kids.  And, they were mostly good.  Not a child jumped on a bed.  Of course, they did remove their shoes and lay down on beds, there was some bed hopping, and they were shown where the legos are kept by one of the employees.  Now, I ask you who needs legos when you have moving beds that sense your sleep requirements and vibrate?  No one.  No one needs those legos.

We laugh at your legos! Hahahahahaha!

Bounce into Fitness

We have a new exercise/P.E. plan.  It involves bouncy balls, or as old people call them hippity hops.  I have one, and my daughters each have one.  We tried it out this morning for ten minutes, and (holy crap) it does work.  You can basically use them as an exercise ball with benefits.  The benefit being the bouncing.  That’s where the cardio is hiding.  ballsballsWe also have hula hoops.  Mine is weighted; their hula hoops are from Toys R’ Us.  I bought mine on Amazon.  Believe it or not, there is a world of weighted hula hoops to choose from for exercising.  Heck, people even pay for hula exercise classes.  I should know, I went to one once, and it was very real.

Hooping is a sport!  Check this out.  So, basically, our exercise program consists of super kid-friendly activities and some much needed yoga for me! hooping