Bounce into Fitness

We have a new exercise/P.E. plan.  It involves bouncy balls, or as old people call them hippity hops.  I have one, and my daughters each have one.  We tried it out this morning for ten minutes, and (holy crap) it does work.  You can basically use them as an exercise ball with benefits.  The benefit being the bouncing.  That’s where the cardio is hiding.  ballsballsWe also have hula hoops.  Mine is weighted; their hula hoops are from Toys R’ Us.  I bought mine on Amazon.  Believe it or not, there is a world of weighted hula hoops to choose from for exercising.  Heck, people even pay for hula exercise classes.  I should know, I went to one once, and it was very real.

Hooping is a sport!  Check this out.  So, basically, our exercise program consists of super kid-friendly activities and some much needed yoga for me! hooping


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