Ranch Hands


My coastal kids went to their grandparent’s ranch in flip flops, so maybe I should have horseplanned a bit better and brought their boots.  Next time!

At least I remembered the flexi clips for my 6 year old’s hair.  It was so easy to put her hair up in a bun in the morning, and then forget about it all day.  She played hard, swam in a pool and rode a pony.  Her hair stayed put, and it was cute!

Next week, we officially begin home-schooling.  Luckily, this will still afford us the freedom to travel and learn.  I’m pretty excited about this.

I’ve decided to start the year with Life of Fred- Apples math curriculum.  I will let you know what I think of it, and if it will end up being our main math curriculum for first grade.

Enjoy the last week of summer!  School is approaching, quickly.  Thankfully, we are almost ready!

Flexi Clips for school: https://www.lillarose.biz/bethanykingsley



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