Panic Without a Disco

When I was a kid growing up in Houston, I thought hurricanes were fun.  Hurricane Alecia actually lifted me up in the air for a couple seconds, a fact my mom swears is not true.

Now, years later, hurricane + kids of my own= anxiety/panic attack. 20170825_160248

We evacuated an hour and a half ahead of Harvey.  It was windy and raining when we left; I almost turned back.  I’m so glad we kept going all the way to Dallas.  All nine hours in the car with three dogs, a cat, and my kids.  It was worth it.

Now, we have a downed fence and some shingle damage.  We were lucky.

It has taken me a bit to get back into the swing of things, mentally.



On a positive note, my youngest had a blast on the carousel in the mall.



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