Beach Hair, Don’t Care


I am so grateful for these ingenious hair clips!  I no longer have to worry about going to the beach and untangling my daughter’s mess of hair afterward.  (She is tender-headed, and what to do with her hair when going to the beach was an issue for me.)


Plus, now I feel like I know how to do fancy things with her hair  These bobbies are adorable for dance class.

Oh, and now, I’m a stylist for lilla rose.  It just made good financial sense!  The clips that came with the kit, when I joined, would have cost me more if I had bought them individually.


Plus, I wear them, too.  Everywhere!  It’s so windy here.


These clips stay in her hair, and she plays hard.

My kids are “Cleaning” their room…

which they don’t actually sleep in.  It’s just a play room, and sometimes if they forget to close the door, it’s a place for my diabetic cat to pee.  I’m super thankful for my rug scrubber!

In recent events, we just hooked up the T.V. in our room.  I have been super opposed to having a T.V. in the bedroom.  You know, cause all those “studies” say that your place of slumber should be electronic free.  Well, screw that.  I can put that baby on the Zen music channel, and my five-year old feels so relaxed, special and fancy, that she falls right to sleep.  THAT’S what I call an ultimate place of slumber.  Unfortunately, a ghost or electronic signal mix-up happened around 11 p.m. and played Game of Thrones followed by a super scary (I wouldn’t watch that crap ghosty-girl that looks like she just popped out of a well) movie.  Luckily, we caught the feature change right as morbidly-frightening slasher/specter movie was starting, and turned it off.   So, maybe it’s time to sage that room again.

Anyway, next time I’ll keep a better eye on it, but I’m still using the Zen music channel for sleep-promotion.  Pure magic.

Growing up Sequence

Okay, here it is.  I’m writing this with a fussy, teething 8-month old who is learning to crawl, so I had some inspiration from her.  (She is currently nursing and completing her own version of Happy Baby and grabbing her toes, as she falls asleep.) My four-year old did the sequence with me and ad-libbed a bit, as she tends to do.  All-in-all, it works pretty well as a waking up the body sequence.  There are a couple parts thrown in for babies, like the clapping.  Some parts are there to make the experience more authentic, like the singing, for kids.  I think older kids love to mimic babies; it gives them self-confidence to see what they accomplished, i.e. walking.  Plus, pretend play is so important in developing and engaging their imaginations.  (Also, if a child has a younger sibling, it can be fun to be the baby again, even if it is only for a short while.)

Growing Up Sequence

Happy Baby

Grab toes, rock side to side to wake the spine up.  Sing “Rock a bye baby” as you rock.  Sing the entire song.  (I use the version where I catch the baby, instead of letting them fall.)

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
And I will catch baby, cradle and all

Change the rocking from side to side to back and forth, do this three times.  On the final time, rock up to sitting.

Easy sitting position

Reach arms up to “Mamma” (Mamma, Daddy, Aunty, Granny, Friend, Whoever) and stretch out to the floor, 3X.  It might be fun to say your friend’s name as you reach.  It adds to the pretend play.


Come up to Table to try to crawl, make circles with your body, change directions (Mimic a bay learning to crawl.)


Next, push back to Downdog, do this 3X.  (Babies often do tend to stretch out their legs as they are learning what this crawling thing is all about.)

Easy Sitting or Cobbler

Come back to Easy Sitting and Clap your hands


It’s time on Sprockets when we dance.


Roll/dance up to standing


Try a balancing pose, like standing on one foot to mimic the challenge of learning to walk.

Child’s Pose

Take a couple deep breaths: “Walking is hard work for babies, time to rest!”

Roll down to Child’s and rest a bit.

Lullaby, and Good night.

Happy Holidays!

It is surprising how quickly time flies!  I hope everyone is having a great holiday.  Our yoga routine slowed down a bit as my husband was out of town on a rotation for a month.  With a growing baby, a busy four-year old, and me as only acting parent, there was little time for yoga.

It seems sometimes the thing that will help up relax and ground ourselves is elusive.  I’m sure there is a lesson in there somewhere.

In any event, new posts to come in the new year!  Plus, that “Growing Up Sequence” I promised.

Pirate Butterfly Sequence

So, I ask my three-year old daughter, “What do pirates do?”

They steal treasure!


We start out as caterpillars. 

Superman (Caterpillar)

Come up to Table Pose to make a cocoon in Balasana or Child’s Pose.

Transition to Child’s Pose.  This is your cocoon.  Slowly round your back up to a sitting position.  Flap your butterfly wings (arms) and bring your legs around to Cobbler Pose with your feet touching.

 We are flying butterflies.  Cobbler Pose with flapping legs.

Pirate Butterflies get on their ship.  Arms and legs up to Paripurna Navasana or Boat Pose.

Next, we steal treasure. Upavistha Konasana or Wide leg pose, reach arms out to steal treasure. Make sure you get it all (This makes for longer time in forward fold.)

Flap arms however you choose to fly back to the ship.

Back to Boat Pose.

Repeat sequence a couple times.

It is fun to steal the treasure!  If the stealing part does not seem very yoga-like, you could always act like you are returning the treasure to far away lands.  That way it involves more Bakti yoga, and we could all spread a little more love.







Wide Leg